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Game Girl Gourmet, LLC

Why Game girl?

Game Girl Gourmet embodies the pursuit of freedom by creating experiences in the outdoors and through cooking in order to educate and inspire others to find community balance and confidence. With an emphasis on quality and service GGG looks at every element as an opportunity to capture an experience; whether on a boat offshore, in the field watching the sunrise, or in the kitchen, every adventure holds the potential to improve yourself and those around you.

Game Girl Gourmet, LLC
Game Girl


Private culinary experiences

Whether on the ranch or in the Galley, GGG offers a full range of chef services for your hunting or sportfishing adventures. I start by focusing on a unique menu centered around wild game & fish, add in carefully sourced top of the line ingredients, and finish off the one of a kind culinary experience with exceptional preparation and service sure to leave a lasting impression.

Looking to host a unique dinner, lunch, or brunch? Game Girl Gourmet offers unparalleled private dining experiences for groups of 4 to 20. I am happy to accommodate any and all food allergies and venues. Each menu is specially crafted to meet your unique taste preferences and is centered around the wild game or fish that you have worked so hard to harvest. You fill the freezer, and I will take care of the rest!

GGG offers live cooking demonstrations and butchering classes for a range of group sizes. Each class is designed based upon your specific needs and adds an engaging course to your next group meeting or event! Classes are designed to be interactive and fun. Participants are guaranteed to walk away with the knowledge of how to prepare their next wild game recipe as well as resource reference cards.

Overnight Trips

Educational Events

Feast your eyes

-About Holly-

I have been incredibly passionate about the outdoors, wildlife, boating, hunting and fishing since I was a small child. In 2020, I stopped pursuing my career in engineering to work full time on my dream of hunting, fishing, and feeding all of you! I have been butchering wild game for over a decade, and cooking it at a gourmet level for about seven years. While I am new to sportfishing, I am no stranger to the boating life! My dad owned a Hatteras motor yacht, and some of my best childhood memories are being yelled at in the engine room of the “Aqua Therapy”. The foundation laid by my family, particularly my grandfather, gave me a great desire to continue my pursuit of the outdoors. They taught me there is always something new to learn and memories to be made when you bring those you love along for the adventures. The cooking competitions and international travel opportunities I’ve been blessed with have also provided me with knowledge and experience that has inspired my unique culinary style . The way I have fallen in love with cultures, flavors and traditions outside of my own translates into every element of my recipes and each of my plates. I am based near Galveston, Texas where I share my home on the water with my Boston whaler and a pug named Guts. I love the way my career spills over into my own kitchen and you can always find me experimenting with delicious flavor combinations, new butchering techniques, and prepping all my road trip meals so I can travel to my next kitchen to create the perfect menu for you!

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